Mini Review

Role of T-Helper cells (CD4+ T Cells) in human immune system against some microbial infection: A mini review

Ali M*, Lurwan M, Salihi AM and Halliru SN

Published: 11 May, 2020 | Volume 3 - Issue 1 | Pages: 026-029

The human immune system consists of innate and adaptive immune responses which both provide protective immunity to microbial infection. The adaptive immune system consists of T and B cell which act as second line defense through production of neutralizing antibody by B cells and cytotoxic activity of CD8+ T cells. The CD4+ T-cell performs a central role in the immune responses. These cells also known as T4 or helper/inducer T lymphocytes recognize antigens presented by antigen presenting cells (APC) such as macrophages and monocytes. Once antigens such as bacteria and viruses are presented, CD4+ T lymphocytes orchestrate the body’s antigen-specific immune response by Coordinating B-lymphocyte production of antibodies to these antigens, producing cytokines and induction of cytotoxic T-lymphocytes. The paper was aimed to review the role of T-helper cells (CD4+ T cells) in human immune system against some microbial infections.

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Bacteria; CD4+ T cells; Immunity system; Virus


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